Privacy Policy

  1. Pangea DW LTD, O.C. 516140647 (hereinafter “the Company”), is the provider of the test2fly service, the Company’s unique coronavirus testing service (hereinafter “the Service”) at the Ben-Gurion Airport (hereinafter “BGA”), in accordance with the Terms of Use of which this privacy policy is an integral part.
  2. Accessing the site, registering for the Service and the actual receipt of the service require providing the Company with personal information, which is collected by the Company for the purpose of, and as part of, its services.
  3. The purpose of this privacy policy is to describe the personal information that the company collects, the uses thereof, and the rights of the information’s subjects in relation thereto.
  4. The privacy policy applies to any personal information processed by the company, whether given by the client or collected by the company, including by means of its subcontractors, though any means of communication or any kind of technological tool whatsoever, including any communications with the company in relation to the Service (inquiries about the service, ordering the Service, etc.), in writing, verbally, or by any means of communication whatsoever (phone, email, applications, fax, website tools, etc.).
  5. You are not obligated to share your personal information with the Company, but without sharing such information it is possible that the Company shall not be able to provide you with the Service, in whole or in part, or shall be unable to provide services with the proper quality and efficiency. Therefore, read the privacy policy with care, and make sure to re-read it from time to time, as it may change.
  6. This policy worded in the feminine for the sake of convenience only and is addressed to both men and women.
  1. The Company may make use of cookies for the purpose of providing information about the Service, assistance with form completion and tracking the ordering process.
  2. The Company may also make use of cookies for technical purposes (improvement of the user experience, user identification, compatibility with end-user devices, security, etc.), service improvement (i.e., using Google Analytics or any other similar services) and for marketing purposes.
  3. Cookies are small text files created on the user’s device.
  4. Part of the cookies used are those of third parties providing the company with miscellaneous service, and the use of those cookies is subject to the terms of service and privacy policies of those third parties.
  5. Cookies created for non-technical purposes may be blocked and deleted through the user’s browser. The ‘help’ button or support system of most browsers can provide the user with information on how to do so.
  6. Most cookie files can also be managed through the operating system. They may be found and deleted using the search tools in most operating systems.
  7. Since operating systems, browsers and the tools included therein for management of personal information, it is possible that other ways to manage cookies exist, or will exist in the future, and as such it is recommended to regularly review the help files for your operating system or browser.
  1. The personal information collected by the Company shall be kept and processed in its databases.
  2. The Company exercises regular management and control of its databases as required by any applicable law.
  3. The Company makes use of proper physical, logical, and administrative means to secure the data databases as required by any applicable law.
  4. Since the Service includes making use of the assistance of third parties as described in the Terms of Service, the Company, in its contracts with its suppliers, ensures that these suppliers protect personal data, and, moreover, it develops and improves its Service in a manner that shall minimize personal information security risks as much as reasonably possible.
  5. At the completion of the Service the Company shall retain personal data in a limited and secure fashion, solely for those purposes described in this privacy policy, for a period of up to twenty-five years.
  6. Sending test results: For the purpose of personal information security:
  • Test results and any other relevant information in relation to the Service, for test subjects who are the client’s partner or minor children, shall be sent to the client. In other circumstances the test results shall be sent directly to those tested, unless it is explicitly requested otherwise.
  • Since the Service is relevant to international travel, and the test results are usually needed urgently, where the Service has been ordered on behalf of multiple family members, either partner shall be able to contact the Company and ask to peruse the test results for her partner or children, unless the client has explicitly requested otherwise when ordering.
  • To protect personal information from exposure, unless it has been explicitly agreed upon otherwise, the test results are sent in a password-protected file by email to the address given for each test subject (except in the case of family members, as described above), with the password sent separately, and, where possible, by another means of communication. A test subject may, at their responsibility, request that the company send out the test results in a file that is not password-protected.
  • To prevent unauthorized exposure of personal data, keep the password secure and avoid sharing it with others.
  • To prevent unauthorized exposure of personal data outside the context of the Service (after receipt of the results), it is recommended to store the test results in a secure fashion and make use of them only for the test subject’s purposes.

The Company makes use of the personal information it has collected for the following purposes:

  1. Responding to inquiries in relation to the service.
  2. Service provision.
  3. Giving out information (including marketing information and direct mailers) regarding the Service or similar or complementary services and assisting with subscription to the Service.
  4. Control and improvement of the Service and its delivery.
  5. Compliance with the laws and regulations.
  6. Learning and statistical analysis.
  7. Legal proceedings and investigation of matters, claims, and demands that may lead to such proceedings.
  8. Preventing fraud and harm to person and property.
  9. Security, prevention, investigation and mitigation of security and cybersecurity incident.

The Company does not sell or rent personal information to third parties. The Company shall not transfer personal information to third parties without the consent of its subjects, except:

  1. For the purpose of, and as part of, provision of the Company’s services.
  2. Providing family members’ test results to the client ordering the Service, as described above. Delivery of the test results to client that is not a family member of the test subject, if both of these parties requested this.
  3. In the following cases:
  • Complying with legal or regulatory requirements.
  • Complying with court orders, guidance or instructions from a lawful authority. The laboratory performing the tests as part of the Service is required, pursuant to the terms of its license, to disclose test results to the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health is authorized to disclose the test results to the HMO’s (and to the best of the Company’s knowledge it does in fact do so and shall continue doing so).
  • As part of a reorganization, sale of shares, or other investment activity in the Company, and soon prior to contracting for the above purposes, subject to the requirement that information transfer shall be subject to an NDA signed by the recipient that would impede them from making use of the information for any purposes other than those for which it is given or the purposes in this privacy policy, without consent.
  • For use in legal or administrative proceedings.
  • Where, in the company’s view, sharing the information may prevent harm to you or others.
  • To parent, subsidiary, or connected companies, subject to an NDA signed by the recipient that would impede them from making use of the information for any purposes other than those for which it is given or the purposes in this privacy policy, without consent.

In addition to the sending of test results as described above, any person may, themselves or by means of a representative authorized in writing or guardian*, peruse their personal information held by the company:

  1. Upon your written request, the Company shall allow you to peruse personal information held about you by the Company, unless it has legal grounds to reject this request.
  2. The perusal arrangements shall be set by the Company from time to time, with the Company enabling the perusal to be performed by electronic or remote means where possible.
  3. You are entitled to submit a request for the correction or deletion of personal information that is not correct, complete, clear, or current, and the Company shall amend your personal information unless it has legal grounds to reject this request.
  4. Should the request for perusal, correction, and deletion be refused, you shall be entitled to appeal this decision to the Magistrate court pursuant to the Privacy Protection Regulations (Terms for Perusal of Information and Legal Procedures for Application of a Refusal of a Request to Peruse) 5741 – 1981.
  5. Requests for perusal, correction, and deletion of personal information, or objection to direct mailing, should be directed to
  6. The Company shall respond to requests for perusal, correction, and deletion of personal information, or objection to direct mailing, as swiftly as possible, and in any event no later than 30 days from the date of receiving such requests.

The Company may make use of the personal details it receives for sending out advertising by email or personal message, regarding the Service or similar or complementary service, subject to the right of all addressees to notify the company, at any time, of their refusal to receive such advertisements.

Such refusal notices may be given in the following ways, in addition to any method described in any message containing advertising material:

The Company’s website may contain links to other websites, whose privacy policy may differ from that of the Company. Note that if you provide another company’s website with your personal information, that company’s privacy policy shall apply. Sites accessible through links from the Company’s website are likely to also use cookies. The Company is not responsible for other websites’ privacy policy or the content of those websites.

The Company’s services are likely to be updated from time to time, as are the technological and organizational means used to provide them. Moreover, health laws, including Ministry of Health guidance and regulations and privacy protection laws may change from time to time. Therefore, the Company reserves the right to update this privacy policy. Such updates shall be made with a notice sent 14 days in advance, unless the update is in your favor or is required by changes in laws or regulations, in which case the change shall enter force within 7 days of its publication on the Company website.